Sibylla Meckel

Sibylla MeckelSibylla is actively engaged with Holistic health and healing since 1993. Originally from Germany she lives on Waiheke island since 16 years, teaching Reiki and the Universal Healing Tao. In her private practice in Surfdale she gives individual sessions in transformational and oriental bodywork such as Chi Nei Tsang, a form of taoist abdominal massage.

Sibylla is passionate about empowering people to heal themselves and to offer them ways to complete their conscious unfolding of body, mind and spirit. Sibylla teaches “energy awareness” and “inward connection” to teenagers, as well as terminal ill people, where the medical department has no cure or given up on. However, connecting with Love, and especially self love is at the core of all the techniques and modalities, that Sibylla is offering.

I love the challenge of believing in the impossible, especially in the power of human consciousness, and the universal love.

Yin-YangTao Yoga is a form of Qi Gong, which means the harnessing and cultivation of the subtle life force called chi to harmonize body, mind and spirit. It can be practiced by anyone, who is able to develop awareness and their senses. There are no strenuous movements or other difficult techniques involved. In fact most of the Qi Gong exercises and meditations can practiced on a chair, or even lying in bed, if necessary.

Thursdays 5.45-7pm
20 October til 15 December 2016
Classes are at Simply B Yurt in 57 Junction Road, Waiheke
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9 week course in ancient Taoist self healing practice:

  • Sibylla MeckelIncrease your vitality
  • Purify organs
  • Balance emotions
  • Feel nourished &empowered from the inside out
  • Heal yourself

Heal Your Body And Love Your Life

Jade Woman QiGong is an ancient Taoist moving meditation that was specifically designed to help the unique physiology of women which requires a plentiful supply of blood. If a woman’s blood is not plentiful enough, disorders can occur such as painful periods, sterility, severe menopausal symptoms, and even cancers of various female organs. Jade Woman is a superior method of self healing that addresses all the special needs of a woman’s body.

To find out more about Sibylla’s work or want to register for any of the Tao Yoga classes, email on, or call on 021 538 486.

To find out more about Sibylla’s work or want to register for any of the Tao Yoga classes, email on, or call on 021 538 486.


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